The Andrew Low House – Savannah

The Andrew Low House is a must see while in Savannah, especially for those of you with a Girl Scout in the family. The home is easily accessible via the Trolley Tours and the home tour is very informative and not very long. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It also has special meaning for the Girl Scouts as Juliette Gordon Low passed away in the home in 1927 from Breast Cancer.

The home sits facing the beautiful Lafayette Square and was built between 1848 and 1849 and would be the home of Andrew Low II and his family off and on throughout his life. The style of the home is Italian Villa with some grecian details and the gardens are absolutely beautiful. The home has a great example of iron work, especially seen in the balcony.

The tour will take you through the first two floors of the home. The first floor consists of a formal and informal parlor rooms that house some beautiful artifacts and paintings that the foundation has been able to get back for the home. You also have a gorgeous dining room and the Low library. As you ascend up the staircase to the second floor, you can view the bedrooms of the home.

Of particular interest is the Robert E Lee bedroom, so named due to the stay of Robert E. Lee as a guest of Andrew Low in 1870. This bedroom was also the one prepared for William Low when he returned to bury his father and marry Juliette Gordon in 1886. The Children’s bedroom is set up as it would have been when the daughters stayed there with toys and decor.

The Thackery Bedroom is also on this floor, so named after the author William Makepeace Thackery, since he was a guest several times of the Low family. He wrote that the Low home was the most comfortable accommodations in the Americas. The bathing room is set up as it might have been during those times. It was rare during that time to have a dedicated room for bathing. The home was constructed with gutters and downspouts to channel water to a cistern underground in the back garden. The water was then pumped to a holding tank in the attic, which is still in place today.

The final two bedrooms on this floor are the Low and Stiles bedrooms. The Low bedroom would have been for Andrew Low II and his second wife, Mary Cowper Stiles. The Stiles bedroom housed Eliza Mackay Stiles when she moved in after the death of her daughter in June 1863. She remained there for three years and supervised the management of the household as well as the children.

The gardens are much as they were during the times of Andrew Low and his family. The front garden has beds shaped like hourglasses. The back garden has a beautiful fountain as a highlight.


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