We live in an age of wonders. Those wonders include being able to access the internet while cruising across the country on your next road trip.  Used to be you had to buy a special wireless hotspot device to share a cellular internet connection in your car while on the go. Recently I wrote, Read More

Koolatron Compact Cooler - Road Trip Tech Corner

Automotive travel refrigerators have been around for ages. For the most part they were terrible. Technology progressively marches forward. So, are travel refrigerators good now that we live in the future? I have to admit, I have a great interest in this category. Ice chests are vital components of a successful road trip. They, Read More

5 Reasons to Consider Kindle Fire for in car entertainment for kids - Family Road Trip Survival

Welcome to another installment of the Road Trip Tech Corner. In this post I’m going to talk tablets for kids’ entertainment. There are many options out there for kids in car entertainment. But, you might be surprised at what I’m going to talk about this time. Sure, the iPad is well known for how well, Read More

In-car rear seat entertainment centers for the kiddos has been a popular feature in minivans for decades.  Back in the day they had tube TVs and VCRs if you could imagine that!  Of course now you can pretty much opt for a factory installed entertainment system in just about any car with rear seats., Read More