In all my years of going on road trips, I could normally drive at least 12 hours with very few stops. When we started driving to Orlando when my daughter was a toddler, we could still get away with few stops especially when one person would ride in the back with her to hand, Read More

Ah, the great American family road trip.  The siren song of the open highway, the wind in your hair, well-behaved kids in the back seat quietly playing license plate bingo in the back seat.  Only 99 miles to the world-famous spaghetti tower.  It’s the American dream. It’s also complete bullshit!  Unless your life happens, Read More

road trip to relaxation

We are in the depths of winter and I’m about over all this snow, cold, and ice. I’m planning our summer vacation and looking forward to sunny warm days spent relaxing (once we get to where we are going). You might wander where you start when planning a road trip with the family. The, Read More

road trip eating healthy tips

I don’t know about you, but during a road trip isn’t always the easiest time to eat healthy. Personally, I use it as an excuse to read more beef jerky than any one person should eat in a year. However, with a little pre planning you cannot only eat healthier but save a few, Read More

I remember when I was young, road trips were much more of an adventure.  There wasn’t a set goal most of the time, nor really any thought to what would happen once we got wherever it was we were going. The idea was to go just for the sake of going.  The night after, Read More