Cayman Island Turtle Farm – Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is one of my favorite destinations when we are on a cruise. It is one of the most beautiful islands I have visited. It is easy to get around and easy to get to many different attractions and areas to visit. The most popular shore excursions involve snorkeling and Stingray City, however, the last time we were there, our children were too young for either of these excursions. We decided to take a tour of the island that included the Cayman Island Turtle Farm.

Cayman Island Turtle Farm -
I have to say my children absolutely loved the turtle farm. They were 2 and 4 at the time. The turtle farm was in the middle of the tour excursion and allowed us to go through the attraction at our own pace with a guide who provided information about all of the tanks. The first tank we stopped at was the best because it had the baby turtles. The guide picked up a baby turtle for each of us to hold and to let the children get up close with the turtle and touch it. The kids enjoyed this the most.

We then moved to the tanks that have the more mature turtles. The guide provided us a lot of information about how the turtle farm works and conservation efforts. Some of the turtles will be used for food from this farm. However, they do a lot to help with conservation and have a great display of their efforts along with exhibits on incubating turtle eggs.

Since we visited this attraction, it has expanded to include a lot more options. You can now visit with other animals such as birds, lizards, and snorkel with fish. It is definitely worth it if you have children that are younger or those that do not want to snorkel and be in the open ocean. I highly recommend the Cayman Island Turtle Farm as an attraction when your cruise stops in the Cayman Islands!



*I was not compensated by Cayman Island Turtle Farm for this review. These are my own opinions from our paid excursion to this attraction

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