Disney Vacation Account

There are many ways to save up for a Disney vacation. You can use a regular savings account available through your bank or credit union. You can purchase gift cards regularly and use those to pay for park tickets, meals, resort reservations, cruise line reservations, and other items. You can also take advantage of the Disney Vacation Account.

The Disney Vacation Account is similar to a regular savings account. You put money in and then use it to pay for your Disney vacation. The benefit though to this savings plan versus a savings account is that until the end of 2015, you can earn additional Disney gift cards for each $1000 that you save up and spend on a vacation. Depending on the amount you save and the time period, this could wind up being more of an incentive than traditional interest earned on a savings account.

To get started, you can use their tools to set up a budget for your vacation. This will help you to create a savings goal. You then use your debit card/credit card to either set up weekly, monthly, etc deposits to happen automatically in to your Disney Vacation Account. You can also make payments in to the account with Disney gift cards or at any other time besides the scheduled payments.

When you are ready to book your vacation, you can use the account to book your vacation online or via phone. Keep in mind that Adventures by Disney requires you to book over the phone when using the Disney Vacation Account.

There are no fees to set up an account or use the account to pay for a Disney vacation. You can also withdraw all the money you have saved should you decide to take a different vacation or you have an emergency and need the funds. However, keep in mind refunds can take up to 5 business days and if you paid any amount using a gift card, it will be refunded back to the original gift card, so keep those cards handy until after your vacation just in case.

This is a great tool if you need to budget and save up for your next Disney vacation, If you are planning a vacation, head over and check it out. If anything, you can use it to get some additional gift cards for free and we can all use free money for Disney!

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