Georgia State Railroad Museum

We finished our Trolley Tour of Savannah at the point we began, the Savannah Visitors Center. We decided to walk across the street to visit the Georgia State Railroad Museum, especially for our son as he LOVES trains. This was the highlight for him on our trip to Savannah, Georgia.

I was a little skeptical at first of visiting the museum as it didn’t look like much from the outside. However, I was VERY wrong. This was one of the most informative and unique experiences we had while in Savannah. The work the museum is doing to restore trains as well as to restore the tracks from the train yard back to the main line, is what will keep the railroad history alive for future generations. They are in the middle of a million dollar fundraising campaign that you can help with on your visit by making a small donation that will allow you to ride in the engine of the train on the train ride portion of the museum tour.

We began our visit there by taking the train tour of the yard and facility. We paid the donation so that the kids and I could ride in the engine as we backed on to the turntable several times and switched tracks all around the facility. It was really neat to see how everything works in the engine of the train and gave the kids a hands on way to learn how trains work, including the horn! My son got a great explanation of the gauges and we learned that trains lay down sand on the tracks to help with traction and that is still done today!

After the train ride, we were able to walk around the grounds, participate in some more hands on activities, and take a tour of the engines that reside there and are in the process of being restored. They also have various types of cars that have been restored and others that they are working on restoring, to preserve the history of the cars. It was really fascinating and such a great way to get hands on with learning about history, especially the history of the railroad.

On your next trip to Savannah, I highly recommend taking a few hours to explore the Georgia State Railroad Museum and to make a donation to their campaign to preserve railroad history. Want more information on their mission? Click Here!  Their goal is to rebuild the bridge that existed between the tracks in the front of the picture below, over across the street, to the main railroad line that you see above the brick arched bridge. The tracks were removed when they needed to allow higher vehicles to use the road.


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