Hands off the Tablet – 5 Great Car Mounts

By now you know I’m a big fan of using tablets to entertain the kids on road trips instead of expensive factory DVD systems.  One other thing you might want to consider is a car mounting system for those tablets.

Nothing brings blissful quiet like modern technology, but little hands might not be the greatest things for holding on to a tablet for hours.  If your kids are like mine, the tablets might end up as bludgeoning instruments. To help avoid conflicts, here’s a roundup of five mounts designed to keep your kids tablets where they belong.

I’ve rounded up five of the best mounts for sale at Amazon for your consideration.  My requirements for these mounts were that they are universal mounts for any brand tablet and they had at least a 4 star rating. This ensures both the widest range of compatibility and the best quality products available.  Selections are in no particular order.


1. ICross Rotating Car Mount

The iCross is a universal mounting system that can hold tablets from 7 to 10.2 inches.  This mounting system attaches to the headrest using easy to install hardware as opposed to flimsy elastic straps.  The mount tilts and swivels in just about any configuration you can imagine.

The mounting bracket is also padded to gently cradle your tablet and minimize the little bumps inevitable during any road trip. Check it out on Amazon

2. Grip Daddy V2Arm

The Grip Daddy mounting system has a really neat feature.  You can slide the tablet out to the side of the front seat, leaving it near the middle of the car so two children can share the screen. If your kids can agree on a single movie, this is a great solution to save money by only having to buy one tablet.

Like the ICross, this uses a rigid mounting system to secure the mount to the back of the headrest. You can also mount a tablet in a case with this system. A spring-loaded grip ensures easy removal and replacement of the tablet.Check prices at Amazon.

3. Tab Grab

The Tab Grab is another rigid mount system designed to attach to the headrest supports for a sturdy installation.  Features include padded clips to hold your tablet securely in place.  The swivel arm puts the tablet in the best position for viewing. Once the arm is in place, it stays put so it won’t fall down from road vibrations. Check out the TabGrab

4. Koomus Universal Headrest Mount

Unlike the rest of the entries in this list, the Koomus is made for smaller tablets up to 7″. This also the only mount that can also accommodate a phone or iPod Touch. Devices as small as 4.6″ will fit within the expandable mounting arms of this mount. As an added bonus this is also the cheapest mounting system in this roundup. Get the Koomus here.

5. Arkon TAB-RSHM1

Arkon’s mounting system has the distinction of being able to handle the largest of tablets.  While I don’t know of any currently on the market, you can fit up to a 12″ tablet in this mount.  Don’t worry if you have normal-sized tablets as it can fit tablets all the way down to 7 inches.  Like most of the other mounts here, you can adjust and swivel your tablet as needed and the mount is padded for a smooth ride.

The hardware is also considerably less bulky than some of the other mounting systems I’ve highlighted in this roundup. Pick the Arkon mount up at Amazon.

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