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As I have mentioned before, Hilton Head in South Carolina is one of our favorite vacation destinations with our kids. There is plenty to do and the kids love all the nature aspects of the area. It is low-key, relaxing, and we never feel in a hurry to get it all done. It is in my opinion, one of the perfect family vacation destinations.

There are many resources available for Hilton Head kid activities. I have covered in this series of 4 posts dolphin trips, crab boat trips, rainy day activities, and now I’m going to provide you with where to find even more activities for your family while you are in Hilton Head. These sites provide a wealth of information all in one list and I have relied on them when searching out activities for our family for our vacations in Hilton Head. If you have any other sites that you use frequently or you have a site with a wealth of Hilton Head information, leave me a comment and I will add it to this list.

Hilton Head Kid Activity Resources

Top 10 Places to Take your Kids in Hilton Head for FREE

101 Things Hilton Head

Hilton Head Activities for Kids

What to do with your family in Hilton Head

We are members of the Disney Vacation Club timeshare which has a location on Hilton Head. This resort provides a lot of activities for our kids during the day and in the evening that make it a wonderful place to stay. You don’t have to be a member of Disney Vacation Club to stay there. There are ways to rent points from another member and have them book you a reservation at the Disney Hilton Head Resort. I can say, it is one of our favorite resorts in the entire Disney collection and that is why we return there year after year instead of heading to the parks down in Orlando. If you are interested in renting points from a DVC member to book your Hilton Head vacation, you might want to check out David’s Disney Vacation Club Rentals. You can also rent points to book any of the properties at Disney World, Disneyland, and Vero Beach, FL. This gives you a way to experience Disney Vacation Club without having to opt in to a contract.


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