Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

On our stop in Savannah, GA this summer, we had the pleasure of taking a trolley tour on Old Town Trolley. This tour gave us all the stops we needed for the historic sites we wanted to see. One of those was for our Brownie Girl Scout girl, at the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace! This was one of my daughter’s favorite parts of our visit to Savannah as she absolutely LOVES being in Girl Scouts. Juliette Gordon Low being the founder of the Girl Scouts.


Not only is this a great historic site for girls, but it was the first National Historical Landmark in Savannah. The history of this family spans not only the Girl Scouts but the Spanish American War, and even to the Supreme Court.

We arrived at the Juliette Gordon Low historical site shortly before it opened for the day. We were one of the first groups to go through the house and experience the history of Juliette and her family as well as the Girl Scouts. The home is absolutely beautiful, unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside, but each room was decorated as it would have been when the family lived there. The banister and staircase was one that beckoned a ride along the handrail, however, that was highly discouraged.

There are two floors of the main home that are open to the public with the third floor being office space for the historical foundation. The main floor included a dining room, a study/library, and a large formal sitting area. On the second floor, there were bedrooms set up as they would have been when the family lived there.

After touring the home, which included many photos and artwork pieces of Juliette, we were able to tour the small garden in the back of the home. The garden was beautiful and included more art pieces created by Juliette including a beautiful iron piece, pictured below.

Once you complete the tour, there is a gift shop in the main floor where you can purchase Girl Scout badges and the special pin for visiting the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace. You can only get the special pin by completing the tour of the home. It is definitely a special item for our Girl Scout!

The family is still very involved in Savannah life and history. They use the house for special functions and have also been known to drop in on a tour! This was one of the highlights of our visit to Savannah and we will certainly visit again. Once we were done, we hopped back on the Trolley and continued to our next destination!

Want more of the history of the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace? Click HERE!


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