Massie Heritage Center

The Massie Heritage Center is a definite stop on a visit to Savannah, GA. It has a lot of hands on exhibits for children to see the history of Savannah, including, the history of education. The Massie Heritage Center is located at Calhoun Square in the downtown historic district and takes about an hour or two to go through on your own. They do provide tours of the center that provide additional information.

Massie Heritage Center, Savannah, GA -
The Massie Heritage Center began as a public school in Savannah up until 1974. It began as a school in 1856 and continued as a public school until Sherman’s troops came through Savannah in 1864 and turned the building into a hospital for soldiers. In the spring of 1865, the building was re-designated as a school and continued as such until 1974.

One of the most interesting spots within the Heritage Center is the mock classroom on the second level. The room is setup with desks that would have been used in early times as well as slate boards, McGuffy Readers, and classroom rules. School groups can sign up to have an actual lesson in the classroom. When we visited, my daughter had a great time sitting in the desks, pretending to be the teacher, and checking out the dress up costumes that are located on the side of the room.


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Other exhibits on the first floor include a replica of the city of Savannah, showing the layout of the squares, a ships wheel, since shipping was and still is extremely important to the city of Savannah, and replicas of leaders.The annex also contains some hands on exhibits related to the architectural styles that are represented in Savannah.

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Overall, the Massie Heritage Center is a great stop when you are visiting Savannah, GA. It has a lot of things that would keep elementary and middle school interested and engaged in learning about history.



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