More ways to save up for your road trip

I’m always looking for ways to save money up for our vacation road trips and cut our costs. When traveling to Disney, I usually will purchase a $25 gift card from Kroger during my weekly shopping trip. I get double gas points for the girt card purchase, and sometimes they run up to 4X the gas points on gift cards. If I am diligent and do this every week until our vacation, then we have almost $1200 in gift cards ready to use on park tickets, a cruise shipboard account with Disney Cruise Line, or on food and souvenirs at Disney when we visit. It is a lost easier to come up with $25 a week then $1200 on one shot for us.

save money family vacation tips title image For those times when we are not road tripping to Disney, I have found another easy way to earn money for my online purchases. These are things I would buy anyway either online or in Brick and Mortar stores and now I can earn cash back through Ebates with each of my purchases. It is so simple! I have been a member a little over a week and I have already accumulated $40 dollars in cash back for my online purchases. Every three months, Ebates will send you a check or deposit your cash back in to a PayPal account .

For example, I needed some things from the drugstore. Instead of heading to the store, I shopped online at CVS and and earned cash back on my purchases and had free shipping. I ordered all my seeds and plants for my garden and got 8% back and 20% off my entire order. I will need to purchase a lawn mower for the yard this summer so I will click on the Home Depot link on Ebates and order it online for store pick up and earn cash back on that purchase as well. It is an easy way to earn money for buying the things you would buy anyway! You can then take that money and put it towards your vacation fund.

Other things I have done to help with the cost of vacation are to go back to the gift cards at the Kroger and purchase cards during the 4X fuel point times for places that I know we will eat at on the road – McDonalds, Cracker Barrel, etc. I put these gift cards away until it is time to travel and I saved on gas when I went to fill up after I purchased them. It is a win win in my book.



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