Pirates’ House Restaurant

One of our “must do” stops in Savannah, was to eat lunch at The Pirates’ House! This is part of a complex that is the oldest buildings in the state of GA. The Pirates’ House opened in approximately 1753, and at first was an inn for seafarers and later became the hangout of Pirates and Sailors! Today, it is one of Savannah’s top tourist attractions.

The Pirates’ House restaurant provides a great lunch and dinner experience for the entire family. There are 15 different dining rooms within the restaurant, each with it’s own unique charm. You feel like you are eating in history, because you are! The wait staff is in full pirate gear and often will stop by your table and tell stories of days past!

The Pirates’ House restaurant serves a lot of classic southern dishes and has a buffet available for lunch that allows for a great sampling of fried chicken, green beans, greens, and other southern cuisine. The kids menu is typical with grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, and other kid friendly meals. The kids also get some pirate coloring pages and paper pirate “accessories” they can punch out and wear: earring, mustache, etc. It was a fun meal for all and a great stop on our tour.

However, the most interesting part of the Pirates’ House is the history, and in particular the history of the tunnels which you can see the entrances to in some of the rooms in the house.

One of the most unique aspects of the Pirates House are the tunnels. Tunnels were through out Savannah and used for many purposes. Some were used during the Yellow Fever outbreak, some as part of the Underground Railroad system. However, the tunnels that began at the Pirate House had a few purposes according to history. First, hard liquor was not allowed in Savannah and the tunnel was used to smuggle Rum into the tavern. Another story regarding the tunnels had them used as a way to get crew for Pirate ships. A sailor would get drunk at the tavern, possibly pass out or get hit over the head, and then taken through the tunnel to the seaport to awaken to a life of servitude on a Pirate ship, never to be heard from again. Finally, some stories relate how the tunnels were used to commit murders. An unsuspecting sailor might get drunk and fall through a trap door from the tavern down to the tunnel below. If they were injured to where they couldn’t work, they were murdered and their bodies later disposed of.

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The Pirates’ House restaurant is certainly a stop that you need to make while in Savannah. You can easily access it from the Old Town Trolley tours as the stop is right outside of the restaurant!

Want know more about the history of this famous restaurant? Check out our post on our sister site, Family Time Travelers on the Pirates’ House Restaurant history. We have some great kid activity sheets – a fun way to learn the key historical facts.


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