Swimming with Dolphins at Dolphinaris – Cozumel

On your next cruise, if you are heading to Cozumel and looking for a unique excursion experience, try swimming with the dolphins at Dolphinaris! This excursion can be booked through some of the cruise lines, such as Disney, and also can be booked on your own. If you book on your own, you can get a refund should the ship not stop at the scheduled port. It is also a very short taxi ride from the cruise dock area and there were plenty of taxis.

On our first cruise prior to children, my husband and I did the dolphin excursion at the ecological park. It is run by a company that I had used before in Cancun, which was a great experience. The experience in Cozumel at the ecological park was not as good. There were so many people due to the cruise ship volume, that you felt like you were being herded like cattle through your dolphin swim experience.

When we returned to Cozumel when my daughter was 4, I wanted her to have a dolphin swim experience but did not want to go through the ecological park and the same company we used the last time. I looked at the shore excursions and discovered Dolphinaris. I can say it was absolutely the BEST decision ever!

Dolphinaris is located close to where most of the cruise ships dock, so a very short taxi ride. The facility itself is much smaller and the experience itself was much calmer. Not once did I feel they were herding us through to get to the next group. It was run very tight to keep them on schedule, but it didn’t take away from the experience.

When we arrived, we were taken to the area where you can change and also put your things in a locker. There is not a lot of room to store things once you are down by the dolphin areas. We went through a short explanation of how things were going to run and then we were taken down in our group, of approximately 7, to the lagoon for our experience. We placed our towels in a wooden locker and with life jackets on, we walked down in to the water on to a sand platform. The sand platform was much nicer to stand on than the slimy metal grates at the ecological park.

The trainer worked with one dolphin and all the children got to pet the dolphin and watch it do tricks in the water. They also got to stand on a platform and shake the dolphins flipper while having pictures made and get a dolphin kiss. The whole experience was about 30 to 45 minutes. My daughter absolutely LOVED it! When we were done, they took us back to where we could change clothes and gather our belongings. We then headed to the picture and video area to look at the pictures that were taken during the experience. Once you place your order, it will take about 30 minutes before they are ready.

While we waited, we enjoyed the outdoor cafe where we watched other dolphin encounters and enjoyed some chips and salsa. There is also a Margaritaville across the street if you want to go get something else to eat or shop in the gift shop while you wait. Once our pictures and video were finished, we took a cab back to the dock area where there are plenty of shops to get t-shirts and unique souvenirs.

Overall, this was a great excursion for a 4 year old. When we visit Cozumel again, we will do the Dolphin Swim now that she is older which will give her the opportunity to be pushed through the water by the dolphin. It was a smaller environment than the ecological park and the facility was MUCH nicer than the ecological park. I highly recommend Dolphinaris for a shore excursion when you are in Cozumel.





*I was not compensated by Dolphinaris for this post. This was written based on my own experience with Dolphinaris and we paid for our excursion.

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